Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update: Vacations, Business Trips, and Fitting in Some Writing

My rate of posting has slowed down in recent days, what with Thanksgiving and then a week long vacation.  And I had a business trip thrown in there, as well.  It was a very productive trip, but I was working on science education from morning until night, with no opportunity for a little posting on the side.

All this has also impacted my writing schedule.  Vacations aren't something to gripe about, of course.  I think most of us who are writers tend to be Type A, and it is easier to do a working vacation than to take real time off.  So it is good to encourage ourselves to try to really unplug once in a while (even though I'm supposed to be 'unplugged' right now ...)  But the last month did see the production of two new drafts of sci-fi short stories, and part of a draft for a horror short story.  But I still need to get them finalized and cleaned up before diving into formal editing. 

My NaNoWriMo final count was 58K.  I was on pace for about 75K of material, which would have finished the novel, but then Thanksgiving reared its head.  I don't mind writing a lot of material in one day, so long as I basically have it already scripted in my head.  But I don't like to put down complete garbage text that's just going to get hacked out in the edits, anyway.  Still, I think that once I get it cleaned up and reading for editing, it will have enough of the good stuff to be a real draft novel.  Not sure how to target it, thought, since it bridges several genres.  But that's a problem for after it's written and edited.

I've also been examining a few new avenues for learning and networking.  Professional conferences and societies are great places for a scientist to keep up on the latest, to report new work, and stay in touch with colleagues.  But I have not tried to do the same as a creative writer.  I've been looking into what societies and conferences are key in my genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and even horror.  I've also been looking into general writing workshops in order to hone my editing skills.

And in the mean time I've been distracted by Avatar movie advertisements.  I don't usually run out to see a new movie until lots of reviews have come in.  But I think I might see this one early just for the eye-candy factor.  And as always, I'm wondering if it will be anywhere as good as the hype.  Which given the level of hype, might make that completely impossible.


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