Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prompt the Muse #26 - Speculative Writing Prompt

Image: Iapetus
There is something dark covering the land, and a character has stumbled across this phenomenon. How did he/she find it? Is it malevolent, beneficial, or neutral? What is it made of, and what does the character plan to do now that this discovery has been made? Answer in 250 words.

Image Credit:  Saturn's moon Iapetus, NASA/Cassini


Jarmara Falconer said...
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Jarmara Falconer said...

Hi I've reposted this after removing typo:

I took a handful and raised it to my nose. I drew back. God help me if I got this wrong!

My skin tingled and for a moment ‘Health and Safety’ rung in my ears.

How could I have not thought about my safety, put on gloves, used a spoon at least. How could I tell others, if I died no one else would know what happened to me.

Brushing at my hand. I stepped back and looked around.
Why was I so unprepared. You wait all your life to make a discovery like this and what happens?

I tapped at my pockets. As a kid my mother was always complaining about the rubbish I carried about with me and forgot to take out my pockets. And now I didn’t. God, why did I listen to my mother.

There must be something and anything. Again, I look around everything is too neat, too tidy.

Bloody Utopia. Who needs It !
Isn’t there something I could use to clean this up with!
Oh dear God… It’s too late. I’m going to die…

For Christ’s Sake, Melvin, why do you always have to make a mess. I asked for coffee not lemon tea. The bloody dust pan and brush is kept in that cupboard.

Yes, my much beloved.