Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prompt the Muse #3 - Thursday Speculative Writing Prompt

Image: Saturn's rings
Finish this sentence, and add another 200 words, "The April Fool's Day joke was on us when our first probe arrived at the planet's ring system and we found that, instead of rock and ice, the rings were amazingly made of ..."

Image credit:  NASA - Saturn's Rings, enhanced color

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Amy said...

...jello. Personally, I had always suspected that jello was not an earthly substance: the too-bright colors, the flavors that didn't match anything in nature, the translucent squiggliness. Suddenly I understood the gleam in my grandma's strange, lime-green eyes as she served this so-called dessert on Sundays, her once chance in the week to eat what she considered to be "comfort food."