Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prompt the Muse #5 - Thursday Speculative Writing Prompt

Image: Meteorite under Microscope
The picture at the right is a microscopic image of a meteorite under polarized light. Take a look at this image and then write down ten things it just might be picturing. Let your mind wander; be imaginative, and don't worry about being literal or concrete. I've put my list below, for fun, but make sure you have yours written out before you read mine.

Image Credit:  Tim McCoy, USAP, ANSMET, Smithsonian

Stained glass window
Alien virus
Scales of a dragon
Chunks of glass at a recycling plant
Fish in an aquarium
Gems in a treasure chest
Plan of attack
Nebula dust
Reflections off of iridescent fabric


Amy said...

sea glass
satellite photo
eye shadow colors
paint palette

Are you going to make us write a poem with these now?

Bryce Ellicott said...

Amy - That's a great list. It is always interesting to see what other imaginations create with the same input. Eye shadow I wouldn't have thought of at all, but I'm surprised candy didn't occur to me. We have some overlap on jewels, glass, and bacteria.

The poem comment made me laugh. It wouldn't be a bad prompt for that, actually. But maybe picking five words would be more realistic than using all ten ...