Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prompt the Muse #6 - Wednesday Speculative Writing Prompt

Art: Alien Statue
Looks like I'll be moving the writing prompts to Wednesday; it just seems to work out better with my posting schedule. I don't like to 'spam' followers with multiple posts in one day. I've always had a posting philosophy of longer but fewer. I had originally intended to post twice a week on Fri/Sat and then another around Mon/Tue, so a Thursday prompt made sense. And yet, it seems when Thursday rolls around I have a post just itching to go. So prompts will come out on Wednesdays for the time being. Unless that really cramps your style - let me know.

Anyway, the prompt ...

"There were many very strange and ancient artifacts there. One was a copper statue. When we looked at the statue closer, we were amazed to see ..." Finish the sentence and write another 100 words.

Image Credit:  EonWorks

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