Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poem Up in Dragonfly Arts Magazine 2016

Dragonfly Arts Mag 2016
Dragonfly 2016 is out and I'm very happy to have my poem "What We Choose to Keep" appearing in this year's issue.  I had three poems in their inaugural 2014 issue, and then wasn't able to submit for 2015.  So I'm glad to be back on track with supporting this fantastic publication for 2016.  Dragonfly Arts Magazine is a publication of the HopeWorks center of Howard County in Maryland.  The magazine has poetry, stories, and artwork that reflect on "life, love, trauma, and hope."  It is a snazzy little mag with a high-gloss cover and some riveting color artwork and compelling writing.

As you know from reading the blog here, I'm a strong proponent of writers being paid for their writing.  I don't generally submit work to publications that do not compensate writers with at least some token payment.  But for Dragonfly, and a few other publications, I make an exception.  It's not for the exposure - it is to support the mission of the publication.  Submitting to Dragonfly is something that I do both for myself and for them - as a survivor myself, crafting suitable poetry for this market is a exploration in healing.  I'm honored to have my work in this magazine, and hope that it helps in some small way to promote the healing that HopeWorks tries to nurture.

Image Credit:  Dragonfly Art's Mag. Visit HopeWorks.