Monday, June 25, 2012

Prompt the Muse #35 - Speculative Writing Prompt

Art: Battle at Sea
A craft carrying one of your characters is attacked and badly damaged.  Your character manages to escape, and also manages to avoid getting captured.  What kind of craft was your character traveling in, and how did your character get out without being seen?  Write your thoughts in 150 words.

Image credit:  Battle of the Nile, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain   


Andy said...

It was Anticlus who gave us away. As if Laodamia would be there among our enemies? And calling his name? Odysseus tried to stop him from calling back but it was too late. We were put upon almost immediately: Deiphobus, Aeneas, Polydamas… With axe and pick they hacked at our craft and we prayed for deliverance from our predicament.

But Epeius' work was strong and our enemy grew frustrated. So they treated us as the votive offering we claimed to be and set fire to our fortress. With the fire came smoke and no small amount of panic. We lost many good men--burned, suffocated, captured. I climbed the neck and in the confusion and smoke slipped through two teeth and up to an unguarded overlook. I hid for hours before making my escape. It is a good thing for me they didn't look that gift horse in the mouth.

JA Grier (ee/em/eir) said...

This is a fantastic work of small fiction - I love the feel of authentic history mixed with the final humor in the pun!