Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Tarot Reading for 2021 - Choosing a Spread

This is the second in my series of posts about my New Year's 2021 Tarot reading.  The first post where I talk about my choice of deck is here.  

So with deck in hand, I had to choose a spread.  Since I wanted to "get a read' on my place in the whole year of 2021, I figured a big, complex spread was the way to go.  I picked the Celtic Cross Spread and included a 'significator' card for a total of eleven cards.  The Celtic Cross is often dealt to look like this:

Celtic Cross spread, from the guide to
The Gilded Tarot


Each card is related to the question or situation of interest in some specific way.  The 'definitions' for each card follow here - again this is largely the description provided in the guide to The Gilded Tarot.

1.  Significator. How I feel about 2021 and/or my role in 2021.  This is generally considered an optional card, only added if, as in my case here, I wanted additional info/complexity in my reading.
2.  Me (The Querent).  My relationship to 2021.  This is the “inner me” or the “true me” that has some bearing on issues and situations in 2021.
3.  Crossing.  The major conflict(s) or challenges in 2021 for me.
4.  Foundation.  The basis of 2021, key themes or ideas I will encounter.
5.  Past.  My past issue(s) that will influence 2021.
6.  Present.  Current force(s) shaping my 2021.
7.  Future.  Forces that will affect the nature of and/or the outcome of my 2021.
8.  Myself.  My self-image, which may or may not reflect card #2.  How I see myself approaching/living/being in 2021.
9.  Environment.  How others will view/see me in 2021.
10.  Hopes and Fears.  What I most hope or most fear for 2021.
11.  Outcome.  Probable outcomes for 2021; what will be the nature of 2021 for me, assuming nothing changes from the moment of the reading.

The Celtic Cross spread isn't about predicting or changing the future, it is instead a way to gain insight into a past and present situation, and what outcome(s) might arise.  Whenever you use Tarot cards, it's important to focus on some specific question or situation, since the cards have lots of meanings based entirely on context.  As I noted in my first post, this is all about psychology.  What do I hope the cards will suggest?  What do I *not* want to see?  In what way do they confirm or conflict with my previous ideas?

I of course was looking for insight into 2021 - including, what were the key issues in my 2020 that will influence 2021, what would be the major themes for me this year, what strengths I could access, and what weaknesses I had that would need support.

So I shuffled the cards, thinking about my questions, and then handed the deck to my spouse, who dealt the cards face down.  After that, he turned them over one by one and we pondered the significance ...

Nuff for now; next post to see the cards I drew!

Image Credits:  My pic of the inside of my guide to The Gilded Tarot by Barbara Moore (illustrator for the cards is Ciro Marchetti.)

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