Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prompt The Muse #1 - Thursday Speculative Writing Prompt

In spite of saying I didn't intend to put up writing prompts as individual posts, I've now seen plenty of sites that indicate that prompts are more useful if they show up as posts than if they only appear on one's blog front page.  My intention is therefore to put out one prompt a week in its own post.  So there will be two today, this one (last week's prompt) and a new prompt.  I chose Thursday because it seemed to be a more neglected day for writing prompts.  There are lots of Friday, Saturday and Sunday prompts, as well as the middle of the week Wednesday prompts.  Let me know what you think of the prompts and the schedule.


Prompt the Muse #1

During a solar eclipse, we humans imagined the sun was being eaten by a dragon, amongst other things. Imagine a world that experiences similar 'solar' eclipses. What do the inhabitants think is responsible?

Image Credit:  NASA

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